Transaction support

At the heart of any business there are trust in the partner and hope for the success of the transaction. This is what any businessman who wants to develop his company is full of.

However, a proverb says - and rightly so - better safe than sorry. And so it is in business - it is easier to show a certain amount of prudence and check the counterparty and potential transaction for risks, than to resolve disputes in court with ambiguous prospects.

Our lawyers will help you to assess the risks, check the counterparty, and assess the consequences of the transaction. For 18 years, we have been protecting the interests of our clients in our relations with business partners.

We offer the following services:

- conducting legal Due Diligence

- support in negotiations

- verification and drafting of the contract (ranging from an ordinary delivery contract to complex transactions for changing corporate control)

- full support of mergers and acquisitions

- structuring of transactions under the law of Cyprus and coordination of corporate procedures in other jurisdictions



A foreign company seeked for support in acquiring a number of real estate objects (a land plot and a complex of real estate objects located on them). In the interests of the client, a comprehensive due diligence of the seller's company, real estate objects and related rights to them was carried out.


During the legal audit, a real scheme of ownership of real estate objects with the participation of offshore companies and nominee shareholders was established. During the further inspection, the legal status of companies and their management bodies was investigated, a comprehensive check of the cleanliness of the acquired real estate objects was carried out (to establish the existence of third-party rights to real estate objects, as well as compliance with urban planning and land legislation during the construction of real estate objects).


According to the results of the audit, our lawyers proposed two options for the acquisition of real estate objects, which took into account the established restrictions and were aimed at minimizing the risks of possible alienation of real estate objects in the future. In general, this allowed the client to significantly reduce the price of the purchased real estate objects.



One of the largest German manufacturers of food products has applied for the preparation of a supply contract. Such an agreement would allow the client to minimize the costs of distribution services in the future. TA lex lawyers had two tasks: to prepare a contract that meets the requirements of the client's counterparties as much as possible, but at the same time does not infringe on the rights and interests of the client himself.

As a result, our lawyers have prepared a contract that meets the tasks set as much as possible and provides a guarantee of the rights of its participants. It took into account the subtleties of the legislation and the specifics of specific trading networks of the counterparty.